On The House Segment Sponsorship

Segment Sponsorship

Open and Close Billboards

Each segment can have an open and close billboard. That’s two more opportunities to put your companies name, message, and call to action in our listener’s ears!

Personalized Segments

We can work with you to provide a segment that works for your product!

For example, the American Standard Your Dream Bath Segment that is created every week to bring awareness to bathroom products for consumers. Take a listen below!


Tip of the Day

Our “Tip of the Day” audio segments are for busy consumers looking for quick money-saving tips that will help consumers fix up and improve their home.

The Carey Bros. do all that and more in just 60 seconds; six days each week with their award-winning On The House Tip of the Day. Using white toothpaste to patch nail holes in drywall, how to use a paper plate to capture the mess made when drilling a hole in a ceiling, how to caulk like a pro, use talcum powder to quiet a squeaky floor, and how to save thousands of gallons of wasted water using a couple of drops of food coloring.

tip of the day

The On The House Tip of the Day is as popular among pros and DIYers as it is consumers seeking advice on making a sound purchase. The Carey Brothers use their over 75+ years of combined experience as licensed general contractors along with their entertaining delivery and brotherly banter to offer sound advice that leaves the listener with money in their pocket and a smile on their face.

tip of the day

The On The House Tip of the Day can be heard via podcast or accessed online at onthehouse.com or across the On The House social media