On The House Radio Spots

:30 and :60 Radio Spot – Weekend Program

We will be happy to air your fully produced spot, which may be delivered electronically as an .mp3 or .wav file. If you don’t have a produced spot or would like to draw upon our voice talent or have the Carey Brothers voice the spot:

Simply send us copy points and we’ll be happy to develop spot copy for your review and approval. Then, we’ll have our voice talent record the spot, edit and produce the content and then send the completed spot to you for approval prior to air.

Or, send us completed spot copy and we’ll get it fully produced for you. We’ll send you the completed spot to approve prior to air.

30 Second Spot Word Count – approximately 75 words

60 Second Spot Word Count – approximately 140 words

Submission Deadline: 2 weeks prior to interview

Radio Spot Samples